Raleigh, NC-based singer-songwriter Christa Wells is set to release her next album, Feed Your Soul, on August 13, 2013.   Feed Your Soul was recorded at Zodlounge Music in Nashville.   The album represents a departure from her past records:   from the title track’s horn lines to the driving kick drum and rhythmic hits on “The Way That You Love Me,” it’s a bigger, sassier record.  
Feed Your Soul–which is full of Wells’ trademark honest, piano-driven pop songs about family, home, grief, and hope–explores a sub-theme of giving and receiving love. For this project, the award-winning performer received plenty of love from her fans: a successful Kickstarter campaign raised over $15,000 to cover recording expenses. Despite the outpouring of support, Wells found the process terrifying. About the campaign, she says, “You feel so vulnerable and exposed and indebted and needy.” The experience influenced her writing. On “Being Loved,” for example, Wells sings:   Being loved is a hard thing to take / I will try, I will try, while the song’s cinematic bridge conveys vulnerability: We are born unclothed / As we came, we will go.

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