Collectively Jay-Z, Samsung, RIAA, & possibly Billboard have made a move for the worse as a whole for the music industry. It was GREAT deal and move for Jay-Z but all bad for everyone else. Samsung just bought 1 Million Albums and possibly the #1 spot on theBillboard album chart for Jay-Z. So whoever could have competed with Jay to get the #1 spot was just robbed of that chance. For instance say “IF” Florida Georgia Line was dropping their album this week along with Jay-Z as well and it organically sold 350k copies which is a lot and enough to secure them the #1 spot, Jay-Z and Samsung just robbed them of that #1 spot. Jay could have easily added whatever money Samsung paid for those albums into his endorsement deal, put it in his pocket and truly given 1 Million Albums away for Free BUT it wouldn’t have counted as SALES. Samsung buying the albums was done for the SALES, RIAAcertification, the Billboard spot and to say “I went platinum before my album dropped”.

Here’s where it could get worse. Now every other major artist such as Beyoncé, Justin Bieber, Lady GaGa, Eminem, Justin Timberlake, Pitbull & JLo will want brands like Budweiser, Walmart, Target, Pepsi, Etc. to buy 500k or a Million Albums for them an RIAA certification and the #1 spot on the Billboard Charts. The problem with that is they’re the only artists that can pull off that deal on that scale. That completely hurts un-endorsed and up and coming artists plus further damages Record Labels and it doesn’t require all these top artists to put their all into creating the BEST music for YOU, the people. Simply because they can drop their brand purchased album no matter if it great or stinks, get their Gold or Platinum plaque and go right on tour tied up in a nice, neat little sponsorship bow. Sometimes towering achievements are marvelous indeed but unknowingly damage the surrounding environment substantially. Jay-Z doesn’t need a record company anymore but that’s not fair to the thousands of up and coming artists that still do. Just because something can be done doesn’t always mean it’s the right thing to do. You basically saying “F**k the Music Industry”when no matter how fair or unfair your business deal with them was it’s the reason you’re here today in the first place. Now, I DO NOT think Jay did this to hurt music at all. I just think he might not realize the ripple effect this might have created. He’s long gone from the place where he started in music when he needed Def Jam and it’s money, brand and marketing relationships to help elevate him to Super stardom BUT as far as the platinum plaque and the RIAA Photo, You shouldn’t brag about hitting a Home Run when you were born on 3rd Base. Something to think about.

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