Before the album hits, the Brooklyn Boys will make their national TV debut on Artie Lange’s DirecTV show this Friday, June 21st (11 pm PT on Channel 239).   A new video, for first single “You Say”, debuted today –  

Shot in New York, the video features an opening scenes from Venice Beach, CA before jumping into a TV set where you see the band perform live in a dark “party” atmosphere.   The song was created out of a repetitive little melody dancing about in singer Fussa’s mind, “One day I got a marching beat stuck in my head, I started playing and singing the melody I had to that kind of beat. I brought it to practice and just came up with the song once we started jamming.”   This driving rhythm-infused piece will entrench itself in your head…Morning Fuzz hopes to do the same with the release of their hit-heavy, debut album “Chasing Ghosts”.


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