Boston’s hidden gem, Plumerai, have released their new album ‘Mondegreen’ on independent labels Darushka-4 / Silber Records.   The album consists of ten songs and features the introduction of new vocalist Eliza Brown.   The genre-bending band never settled on just being post-punk revivalists and with the addition of a jazz influenced vocalists, Plumerai have pushed their sound to new heights.   Existing as a sum of their influences, the band is equal parts the Cure, PJ Harvey, Siouxsie & the Banshees and Elle Fitzgerald.   ‘Mondegreen’ was recorded in a former Masonic Temple and as a result, the songs resonate with an airy and mystical overtone.   The opening track “13” spent over 6 weeks in the Top 5 on Boston’s local music show ‘Boston Emissions’ on WZLX, while the video for ‘Trip’ has been gaining favorable attention on blogs across the web.   A live performance of the album this past January on world renown independent radio station WFMU has received over 4,000 downloads and counting.

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