Real Beef Music Group is playing the Superman role by running a brand new Independent Record Label and fronting a hot music act all at the same time.   Real Beef Music Group may not have super powers but they definitely deliver super “strength” jams.   Representing the East Coast, RBMG hope to revitalize hip-hop music by “bringing hip-hop back to its essence” by “vocalizing REAL LIFE”.

J Rae:   I read that Real Beef Music Group is one of the hottest, new Independent Record Labels on the scene, so congrats on that!   But my question is: what is the story then behind forming a musical group and touring act?

Real Beef Music:   We all linked together because we all have an intense sense of ambition to bring definition to the music World. We know what we want to do in the music industry and that is not to play paddy cake with other artists.

J Rae: Would you mind telling the Skope viewers about the band and who exactly is in the band?

Real Beef Music:   Well right now you got D Dave D Dave, Spider, Fever The Singer, and Dr Drew. T$$ and Waddy Wads are no longer with Real Beef but Real Beef Music Group consists of four members.

J Rae: It is said that Real Beef Music Group represents some of the dopest hip-hop artists coming out of the East Coast so definitely tell us   more about this!

Real Beef Music: That is definitely the case; D Dave D Dave, the hottest in the East, brings “Beef Music” to the industry with a purpose of bringing hip-hop back to its essence. Real Beef Music Group vocalizes real life and makes Beef Music instead of actualizing “Beef” Music into reality. Spider is someone who you don’t want to mess with lyrically; he is mentally ill.

J Rae: What was the main driving force behind starting Real Beef Music Group and where did it all originate?

Real Beef Music:   The driving force behind starting Real Beef Music Group is that in music you have a lot of people that are concerned with the way hip-hop or their favorite music is heading and this beef music is the remedy to the game.   OR maybe it’s because people indemnify hip-hop because it’s on life support and Real Beef is here to resuscitate the industry. Real Beef originated from impulse.

J Rae: I gotta ask do any of you have a serious “Beef” with someone out there?  

Real Beef Music:   I (D Dave D Dave) personally have beef with trash rappers; they’re gonna be the first to go. I correlate this Real Beef Shit and use the same method to extinguish wack rappers in the game today.

J Rae: Being that you’re representing the East Coast and you’re involved with hip-hop music I’d be curious to hear your thoughts on a certain HOT topic.   Back in the day when the East Coast vs. West Coast was in full swing, it’s no surprise that rap legends Tupac (RIP) and Notorious B.I.G. (RIP) were at the center of it all.   Why do you think this huge rivalry started in the first place and do you think it is still going on to this day; maybe on a smaller scale?   Obviously with the tragic losses of music icons Tupac & Biggie, do you feel that rappers of today have learned a thing or two when it comes to senseless rivalries & turf wars?

“Put The Guns Aside”

Real Beef Music:   A lot of people’s mouths are bigger than their brain and egos get in the way and you can create a catastrophe out of a misunderstanding. This Real Beef shit is kinda the same way but like I said before we vocalize Real Life and turn it into music so your career will just end. This “Beef Music” is strength music and always will be considered strength music. Rivalry is still going on today; you got some rappers that are scared to Beef on wax because their career might end or they just don’t got it in them to Beef. Me personally, (D Dave D Dave) I don’t target a specific artist; it’s just gonna come down to if you belong in the industry or not and if you don’t I’m gonna dominate you to a point where you just give up.   I’m definitely about to toast these rappers!   You still have senseless people today beefing. You either have two artists beefing because they are both real or you got a fake 1 and a real 1 beefing. Like Spider said you gotta “Separate the Real From the fake”. With the tragic loss of Biggie and Pac we have learned a thing or 2; watch who you beef with.

J Rae: Where can fans see you perform and what spots are you hittin’ next?

Real Beef Music:   Fans can catch Real Beef on tour this summer; the unsigned tour going on across the country. Check your local listings in a city near you, we gonna torch the stage every state we touch down.

J Rae: Your label has artists of different genres also and I was hoping you could talk more about that.   Is hip-hop still the focus for Real Beef Music Group or do you plan on branching out by including a diverse mix of artists & genres?

Real Beef Music:     Fever The Singer is extremely talented; she has Pop, R&B, New School, and World in the palm of her hand. I couldn’t sit here all day and explain the amount of talent Fever has; she is extraordinary. Hip-Hop is my life (D Dave D Dave) and Real Beef is always looking for new talent.

J Rae: Would you mind telling the Skope readers what each of you like to do on your down time?

Real Beef Music:   I write music in my down time; making music is my essence. If I’m not doin’ that then I’m masterminding a way to excel in the Hip-Hop World. (D Dave D Dave)

J Rae: What does the future hold for Real Beef Music Group and what is the ultimate goal?

Real Beef Music:   Real Beef has a lot of cleaning up to do; we wanna bring definition to the industry and ossify Hip-Hop in its essence. Being an Independent Record Label we believe we can do that.


By Jimmy Rae – jrae2@att.net

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