John Flynn, Heading For The Sun


Jersey native John Flynn stopped performing just long enough to lay down his debut solo effort Heading For The Sun, a nine-track album encompassing rock, funk & blues. Themes range from Woodstock nostalgia, to avoiding a night in the slammer, to the concept of home and how it transcends material acquisition.

Regarding this last theme, the track “Home” is bluesy and jazzy at the same time. There is an element of pathos in the refrain, “can’t find home.” Dual-track vocals towards the song’s end provide an added soulful aspect.

“Past Lives” launches with fine multi-layered guitar work. Am especially a fan of the twangy background guitar. Yeah, this is definitely Woodstock nostalgia: “The generation…of ’69 / We would teach the world to sing, and peace & love for all mankind.” About 2:45 in, a fine blues solo takes flight.

The title track begins quite emphatically. Has a bit of a punk rock vibe. The dual-vocal chorus jibes well indeed.

“Policeman” is a sprightly track that seems to stomp around the reggae genre. A siren-like chorus (trombone?) is pretty clever.

“Destiny” is a rather chill tune with continuously fine (though at times subtle) guitar work. Snappy blues axe-work resurfaces in “Same Old News,” though with this track the tenor sax takes the forefront.

“Billy’s Bomb” is a melodic, though rather dark, tune. Its lyrics are suggestive of chaos and potential carnage:   “You want to start a revolution, you can’t read the constitution / Ah Billy you’ll just build a bomb.” These lyrics are cynical but also perceptive in that they convey how an alienated (and uneducated) person can make big-time news & impact with an act of destruction.

The piano is given center stage in “Looking Out from Within.” As for the vocal component, the chorus has a pretty good hook to it.

More piano appears, along with a festive atmosphere, in “Khristmas Kool.” Am also a fan of the sporadically occurring blues guitar.

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