Energetic is the first thing that comes to mind upon hearing the opening track “Real Time” from Steve Ryans latest album “Boundless Moments”. Hearing an actual band is a refreshing change of pace for this writer, usually Singer/Songwriter types heavily rely on electronic arrangements to convey their lyrics and vocal abilities. Steve’s band is more than capable of crafting memorable songs that compliment his soaring vocals. Think Maroon 5 funkiness, Prince soul, Santana blues rock… you get the idea? Without further ado…Steve Ryan

Skope: First off, congratulations on your last record making it to the top of the Amazon Charts. Can you tell us a little about that?

Steve Ryan: That took me by suprise.   I go into doing music for the love of it and don’t really think about the numbers.   I have some loyal fans and it shows that they really appreciate the music enough to show support.

Skope: Your new album “Boundless Moments”, what’s it about? Are your songs personal or more of a collection of stories?

Steve Ryan: The songs are a mixture of personal and collection of stories.   Although I’m inspirational, it comes from a place of a lot of pain and hurt.   In fact, I’m working on more songs now and it’s going to share more of my pain that I go through in life.

Skope: You have some talented musicians in your band, who are they and what do they do?

Steve Ryan: I don’t have a standing band.   Those were session musicians and they also play with sometimes on gigs.   I am going to in the future be open to auditioning band members for a standing Steve Ryan band.

Skope: Who are some of your influences for this record?

Steve Ryan: Maroon 5, Luther Vandross, Bruno Mars, Mariah Carey, All Together Seperate, Paul McCartney

“Real Time” –

Skope: I read that not only are you a singer/songwriter, but thaty you also play the piano? How has it affected your songwriting and do you play other instruments as well?

Steve Ryan: I do a LITTLE guitar. It affects my songwriting greatly because it helps me chart out my chords which makes it easier for the session musicians to play in the studio.   It also helps me when it comes to song creation because I understand the flow of the music as well as the lyrics.

Skope: In your bio it states that you are also an actor, author and member of the Grammy Voting Academy. Where do you find the time for all of these different outlets?

Steve Ryan: My grandmother (may she rest in peace), always had a saying.   ”If you want something done, then give it to a busy person.”   It’s all about prioritizing and staying on top of my time.   and plus, we all need breaks from things at times.   I love music, don’t get me wrong.   But there are days that I need a writing or singing break.   And sometimes when I’m doing something else like acting or something else, it creates a natural temporary break from the music.   In my opinion, it prevents burnout.

Skope: Any plans of touring in support of your new album?

Steve Ryan:   Yes, I actually am in the stages of planning a tour now.   We’re trying to figure out the best timing and angle.   Doing a tour takes a lot of time, effort and energy.   It would definetly have to be late 2013, 2014.   I have some things planned now between now and that time.

Skope: What’s next for Steve Ryan?

Steve Ryan: I’m already workng on new material.   I always feel like I’m constantly evolving.   What Im working on is going to definetly step my game up to a different level.   I’m getting even more personal.   I’m sharing my pain even more.   I know that in the past a lot of my songs were inspiring, but these next set of songs are going to really be an eye opener to the fans.   It’s so emotional and it is going to share an intimate portrait of me.   I really see people connecting to that very well.

Skope: Any last words to your growing fanbase?

Steve Ryan:   I appreciate all of my fans support.   In my mind, if any of my music just touched   or changed one person’s life, or made that one person feel better, then it was well worth it.   So to see so many people supporting what I do is mind blowing, amazing and it really keeps me going.   I’m humbled and appreciative.

If you’re into real music with a good time vibe, look no further than and join the million fans who’ve already discovered Steve Ryan!

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