Decades of playing in New York City bands have seasoned Steven Bakur’s songs with an arresting mix of polish and grit. The Brooklyn native started performing locally in high school with a band called Sole Survivor. The band included Mark Bell (Marky Ramone of The Ramones) on drums, Kenny Aaranson (Joan Jett, Rolling Stone’s Bassist of the Year 1988), and Bakur on guitar and vocals. Steven went on to play in a number of projects including collaborations with Freddie Katz (Steven Van Zandt, Nicole Atkins) and Patti Rothberg (Between the 1 and the 9).
Steven Bakur’s 2013 record, Sooner than Later, marks the guitarist, singer, and songwriter’s first all original release. Produced by Justin Tracy (Alexa Carter, Melissa Cross (Zen of Screaming), Marina Alam, and Sue Gerger) at Five and Dime recording studios in Manhattan, Sooner than Later features honed material, intricate arrangements, and a production style reminiscent of classic bands like The Kinks and Big Star — but with a current twist. Steven says of working with Justin, “As producer on this album he both had an idea of what I was presenting, and, at the same time, would occasionally challenge me to think outside the proverbial box. He was invaluable in assisting me flesh out these compositions.” Steven provided the vocals, keyboards, and most of the guitars while Tracy played drums and filled in on bass. Together they achieved the perfect blend of precision and raw energy, creating an album that boasts exceptional musicianship and soulful performances.

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