There are a limited pressed promo CD with 3 different versions of the songs. It is the third music video from MSI, but the first is with real people, hot people. It is an extraordinary genre mix – Old Rock n’ roll guitar riff music with pop synths and a cool beat. A devil sometimes makes trips to earth to have fun. He lands in an unsuitable location. But this is not a problem because the women turn out to be as hot bitches.

“EVIL FIRE” is a pure erotic trip. With a trashy character. The video was shot in one day, mid-March 2013 in a secret castle.
It was very cold. “Merm” wanted to play his part as a devil authentic, as in the script, so pretty drunk. There were 2-3 scenes that cannot be recorded, because Merm was too drunk. The video was produced by Annie Bertram. She has been working with famous musicians / bands, such as “Blutengel” and “Unheilig” (big German acts). Oh, the crazy drummer Girl = Caroline Weber, from 2011 to 2012 “IAMX” tour drummer.

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