With thoughts, songs and images of recent events in Boston. These are original recordings by Boston residents to honor the loss of fellow Bostonians and the strength of this amazing city.

Boston Reflects:

Featuring Contributions From:
Peter de Andrade – Reflections
Amanda & Cody McCarthy – “Boston Calls”
Donald Washington – Reflections
Contens – “Forte, Like You”
Ben Rosenberg – Reflections
John Barrows – “I Believe”
Brittany Roa – Reflections
Rob Ambrosino – “Never the Same”
Goose – “Boston Strong”
George Kincouri – “We Are Strong”
Sophia Nachman – “Boston, Stay Strong” and Reflections
Lily Curley – “I Won’t Give Up”
Michelle Yitts – “Star Spangled Banner” and Reflections

Jon “Clark” Henshaw – Recording, Mixing and Editing Video for Bristol Recording & Voice Studios.

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