Violinist and electronic artist Lindsey Stirling has now officially sold over 100,000 copies of her eponymous debut album. Self-released in September 2012 online and at her live shows, the album is a classical crossover hit that merges classical violin virtuosity with elements of the electronic dance underworld. The album has reached as high as 81 on the Billboard Top 200, and topped the Dance/Electronic Album chart at #1. Although Stirling is also known for her unique covers, the album is comprised entirely of her original compositions, featuring Stirling on violin with backing electronic music on each track created by Stirling and various producers.

Using YouTube as a key drive for her career, Stirling has amassed a staggering amount of fans and viewership, counting over 2 million subscribers and over 284 million video views on her channel – the #85th most-subscribed YouTube channel ever. “My first YouTube video consisted of me dancing & playing to the Black Eyed Peas in my college apartment while trying not to trip on my violin cord,” said Stirling. “Through many more videos, social media, determination and a lot of hard work, I’m surpassing all my dreams.”

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