Absoloot, Banksters


On the heels of his philanthropic EP, Our Voice, the socially charged rapper, Absoloot has finally put the wraps on his new full-length, Banksters. The 12-track album is the result of research he did into the national Occupy Movement. With past singles the likes of “American Soldier” and “99%” it isn’t surprising that currently relevant topics are the crux of Banksters. With catchy lyrical matter; a pristine delivery and live instrumentation, Absoloot again offers a breath of fresh air to the Hip Hop world and its faithful.

Absoloot ft. Kham – Bankster

“Greed” reveals the ethos of the album with its lyrical matter touching on politics, the current economy, big banks and their predatory tactics. The groove of the track, complete with eerie backing keys and the relatable nature of the lyrics make this one arguably one of the more catchy tracks on the album. Following in the equal nature is title track “Banksters.” Again, this one is bolstered by backing keys to supply melody while the vocal delivery stands at the foreground and plays out as a continuation of “Greed” in the lyrical matter with more commentary on the economic hardships much of the country finds itself facing. The electronic clicks and clanks and tandem rap chorus on “Futuristic” make it an apt title. Commentary continues rooted in social commentary. The throwback instrumentation and melody make “Watch Your Words” another catchy track in what could easily be a Jay-Z song. The mid tempo affects the delivery and illustrates Absoloot’s versatility within his tracks. “Life Of A Poet” evokes the sound of a vintage Dre track and some his epic rap tracks. The lyrical delivery plays out in a mash-up style of Ludacris-meets-Eminem as the track bounces along. Again, clever lyrical matter and Absoloot’s smooth delivery make his most complex tracks seem effortless to him. Switching pace, the album closes to the hopeful “Keep Dreaming” and its melding of smooth R&B and Hip Hop. The backing instrumentation lays a solid foundation for the verse work with a slight return to the R&B at the chorus. Again, this is a successful test in the versatility at Absoloot’s ready disposal.

Much as before, I am still enamored with Absoloot and his refusal to sell out to contemporary Hip Hop. Noticeably absent are the tired topics of cars and clubs that serve as fodder for much of what else is being passed as Rap. Instead, Absoloot channels his talent into topics of awareness, social responsibility and the current events that affect us all. Hats off to anyone who has the integrity, courage and talent to plunge headlong into music that has an effect and eschewing what may be trendy and popular. If you’re a fan of thinkingman’s lyrical matter but still has the approachability of contemporary Rap; this one is Absolootly for you.                      

by Christopher West – cwestlaz@gmail.com

Rating: 4/5


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