Aaron McLaughlin – “I Am Yours”


Hailing from Tennessee, Aaron McLaughlin is a one-man band with devotional Christian tendencies.

Since the tender age of nine, he has been composing, recording, and producing. Yeah, we really have entered the age of high-tech ubiquity when a nine-year-old is recording his own music.

McLaughlin — still not even old enough to (legally) buy a pack of smokes — performs live by himself (and his two guitars & synthesizer).

He has also released a single, “I Am Yours.”

At first, I could’ve sworn I’d clicked the wrong link: McLaughlin reportedly does spiritual-type music, and these beats are as secular as anything you’d find at the hippest x-clubs in Manhattan.

[youtube Ay4wb_Q-n8M]

The lyrics, too, could be interpreted in a way that is less than holy:

“I have held back for too long…All I’ve done so far is wrong…But you want me / Come and take me / Come and break me / I am yours.”

What we have here, however, is a submission of self, not in the physical sense, but in the spiritual sense.


And perhaps that’s what faith is, a surrendering of one’s temporary physical life to something that hovers above — somewhere beyond the furthest reach of the most powerful telescope.

The vocals are pleasing but very mixed over, kind of sounds like something you’d hear from a boy band or some heartthrob teen singer.

Maybe McLaughlin is a holy Justin Bieber?

Either way, the following excerpt from McLaughlin’s bio is interesting in that it conveys the creative process of today’s tech-savvy young musicians:

“When I feel inspired to write a song, the music usually always comes to me first. I’ll flip open my laptop and lay down a few tracks, then I’ll listen closely to the harmonies the instruments make together. The lyrics come to me as a result of playing the track back — as it creates for me a mental image that I’ll ultimately base my song off of.”

Again, Mr. McLaughlin is all of 17 years of age. He’s got all the time in the world to refine his abilities and produce another single — or dare I say — a full album.

Persons of all religious background are welcome at: https://soundcloud.com/aaron-mclaughlin/i-am-yours-1

Another option is to visit: http://www.aaronmclaughlinsmusic.com/

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