With strong and diverse instrumentals, the red-haired songstress, Lacy James, has returned to the music scene with the upcoming release of her new album, Circle of Swallows.   Since her celebrated last album Lovefeast, released in 1992, Lacy has had much time to reflect and pursue her other great passion: dance.

[youtube XBULakSIKa8]

As her dance company has taken her all over the world, her music has also been influenced by her travels and manifests itself in Circle of Swallows with various ethnic influences.   “William on the Tower” has acclaimed flautist, Seamus Eegan, from the band Solas adding a heartfelt celtic energy. On the first single off of the album, “Osmosis Song” James’ voice floats ambiently along with serene drumbeats and dreamy, ringing guitar licks. On the song “Icarus” Lacey demonstrates her prowress for vivid imagery and spiritual connections with lyrics like, “I remember the wax and feathers/melting slowly one by one/shining bright as they were floating/into the sun.”

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