The high-energy indie-pop quintet, formerly known as PK, have announced their new moniker, Night Riots, and embraced a spookier, synthesizer-based sound on their new song, “Spiders”.Watch the ominous vignette for the new track on MTV Buzzworthy here: http://on.mtv.com/13i0tRe.

You can download “Spiders” for free on Night Riots’ official website here:

On the band’s name change and new song/vignette for “Spiders,” Night Riots lead singer Travis Hawley says, “When faced with the challenge of changing our band’s name we knew that we had to look at is as an opportunity rather than an obstacle.   We wanted to choose something that represented the tone of our music and our band in the most fitting of ways.   Night Riots conjures images of live shows, the cult of youth, and nighttime revelry in our mind’s eye.   These are the things that we stand for.   The vignette was filmed and edited by Peej Philips and is a mood piece for the song rather than an official video and should stand as a visual backdrop to the song.” Hawley continues, ” ‘Spiders’ is the latest progression of our band and was an opportunity for us to push ourselves when it came to song writing.   We tried to let ourselves be as free as we could and create the biggest sounding song we could.   It was recorded in San Diego, CA with Aaron Rubin and deals with the webs which we weave through our own lives.”

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