Off The Grid, Love X Stereo


What matters is not the quantity but the quality. That is something many can debate, but in the end we have to agree that this is a fact. Why spend time listening to something that is not worth it when you can, say, hear three songs that will totally blow your mind? These guys leave political or any type of discussions aside and show that PSY is not the only thing in South Korea, yet the music can be as addictive as “Gamnan Style” but more serious.

Even though the sound is not something we call original, Off The Grid EP by Love X Stereo is a record with a combination of vocalists and music with a touch of what seems like indie rock/alternative mixed with electronica that gives us something to dance and sing along to, something pop, something awesome.

“Soul City (Seoul City)” kicks off this fantastic journey. It has a good indie vibe that can be felt throughout the track and gives us an idea of what’s about to come. It is something a little more pulling than Neon Trees. There are some synth effects in it, but the rhythmic and lead guitar riffs are more prominent.

“Chain Reaction” continues with the same wavelength as the second song. Again the voice of Annie Ko invokes feelings in us. It’s just sharp and catchy. The epic part can be seen towards the end. It has a good touch of 30 Seconds To Mars in it, specifically the sound of “This is War.”

“Storm” ends this record in such an energetic, powerful way. I mean, everything we have heard in the first two songs can’t be compared to this awesomeness. It will release so much adrenaline in your body that it will be impossible for you to stop it. You can only go along with it. As the title indicates, this is a musical storm. The drum beats will wrap you and fit perfectly with simple but ingenious guitar riffs that come together with synthesizer effects to create something memorable, something catchy, something that you would never be able to get out of your head. In this track, they are joined by the voices of Toby in the choir with the aggressive, fun, and exciting voice of Annie Ko.

In conclusion, these guys know exactly what they are doing. We’re talking about a band, as aforesaid, that’s really enjoyable, something to put on at a party or for an adventure. The only difference between mainstream music with the same characteristics and these folks is that the boys have gone back to what was lyrically catchy music in the first years of the new millennium and the previous 20 years.

Rating: 5/5

by RJ Frometa

Edited by Marion Lougheed

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