It has been 16 long months since the last release of DJ 2rip’s claim to fame, the Annihilating Rhythm mix series. The previous release, Annihilating Rhythm 3, in early 2011, helped usher in a new sound bass, with influence from hard & nasty drumstep and electro with aggressive bassline influences. The mix featured an onslaught of bass provided by artists like Figure, Calvertron, Will Bailey, Receptor, Skream, Lazy Rich, and Bloody Beetroots.

The force is strong with Annihilating Rhythm 4. Fans have awaited its release for far too long but the delay came for a good reason. DJ 2rip designs these mixes to tell a story and often times that story is dependent on new track releases. He says, “I pay attention to a lot of elements when it comes to this series. I like to incorporate new material that intrigues people and expands their listening horizons while telling a story. Sometimes new materials that fit the storyline are not readily available so I might throw in some older tracks to both meet that story as well as diversify the mix.”

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