The diminutive singing sensation from Down Under’s story is told in a new comic book “Female Force: Kylie Minogue”. Kylie’s colorful experiences are brought to life as we follow the star’s ups and downs. From capturing Australia’s hearts in “Neighbours” to the life & loves of a national treasure, and her brave struggle with cancer.

The comic book is out on December 26th. Written by Steven Stone and drawn by Jill Lamarina. “Working on the Kylie comic was a challenge but an enjoyable one. Kylie has had an iconic career that has touched so many people. I wanted to do her story justice. I hope you all enjoy It.,” said Stone.

Bluewater will be doing a digital 1st in comic books. They will be giving exclusive digital covers to ITunes and My Digital Comics. Which will be revealed on December 26th by the fan site Jon Woodard does both of the collectible “superhero” inspired covers. Other digital locations will feature the mainstream cover by Fred Grivaud. “Kylie is so epic in her presence, she was perfect for comics,” said Jon Woodard.

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