In his own words “If topic matters such as depression, alienation, rejection, recreational drug misuse, failure, crippling anxiety disorders and the occasional reference to death float your boat then my word do I have a treat for you!” 22 year old Nathan Virica is Black Vendetta, an indie rock songwriter from the UK.

DiGDuGDisaster: First, where did you come up with the name Black Vendetta and what does it mean to you?

Black Vendetta: It does sound like the name was some kind of grand plan doesn’t it? In truth, it arose while we were searching for a band name (while I was still in a band up north). We were originally called “The Premiums” which was A. a bollocks name and B. Already taken by a more established band. In the end I came up with Black Vendetta and when I moved down south I just decided to keep it as an alias. As for what it means to me…sod all if I’m honest!

DiGDuGDisaster: I read that you recently moved to London, what is the scene like as opposed to where you came from, Harrogate?

Black Vendetta: It would be an easier question to answer if there was actually a scene in Harrogate to compare it to London! Don’t get me wrong, I’m proud of my Yorkshire roots and will probably move back there at some point in my life but it seems that if you want to make it in music you have to go to one of the big UK cities. It just so happened that I developed connections in London. As for the scene…countless bands from London have made it big and there are gigs and open mic nights every night, whereas in Harrogate (and I’ve only been told this) one band got into the UK top 20 once about 30 years ago. Enough said!

[youtube AqdmxAcOUuI]

DiGDuGDisaster: You wrote all of your songs, yet you have guest singers performing on them, why didn’t you sing yourself? Are  they live performers with you as well?

Black Vendetta: In truth I’m still looking for a permanent live singer. Purely because I often end up singing (and playing) live myself I’ve come to hate playing live and regard it as a chore. When it’s a REALLY important gig I tend to pay a real singer to take the vocals for me. Layla (who sang on a couple of my album tracks) has been brilliant and is a top woman in terms of helping me. In terms of why I don’t sing myself…I do…but reluctantly. I’m an OK singer and do it when I absolutely have to but I know that my work isn’t going to enter the stratosphere with my vocals on it, whereas with a proper vocalist on the songs it bloody well will!

DiGDuGDisaster: Do you produce your music as well or are you working with a producer?

Black Vendetta: I do have someone producing my tracks on the album but everything he does is at my behest. I always reminded him that I was going for the Oasis “wall of noise” effect. I would cut out the middle man and do the whole producing thing myself if I could but sadly I’m even less computer-literate than my grandma! (She’s just got an iPad and is so obsessed with it that she’s become something of a techno expert bless her!)

DiGDuGDisaster: Currently your songs are on ReverbNation, any plans on putting them out on an e.p. or album?

Black Vendetta: They already are on an album. It’s called “Draconian Backlash” and it’s available either on (search “Black Vendetta – Draconian Backlash” on the site) or at

I apologise for the shameless plugging of my product in my answer but I felt the question asked sort of prompted it.

DiGDuGDisaster: Describe your writing style for those who might not have heard your music yet, I hear bits of Oasis and some 80’s new wave. How would you describe it?

[youtube pJwKIf9WZWc]

Black Vendetta: To be honest you just described it better than I ever could have. That’s exactly what it is! They’re fairly simple songs but my trick is I don’t try to be too clever. I’m more bothered about how enjoyable the song is to listen to rather than how complicated the lead riff is to play, and I feel that a lot of modern musicians make that mistake. I write a song whenever I have a pre-set idea in my head for a tune or when I happen to randomly come up with something good whilst idly strumming my guitar. I never sit down with no ideas with the active idea of trying to come up with a song because the result would be bollocks. A load of artists can make that songwriting style work for them but I’m not one of them.

DiGDuGDisaster: Your lyrics as described above are dark, is this a personal reflection of your personality? Do you write from personal experiences?

Black Vendetta: What are you, my psychotherapist? Just kidding! But yes I suppose they are. I wrote a lot of these songs in my late teens when I was going through a horrific depression. As for the rest…well put it this way, I’m not the kind of person who feels compelled to write a song or poem when I’m happy, I want to just enjoy it to the full while it lasts. When I’m hurting then writing a song about it is a fantastic release. I think that’s why most songs are lyrically depressing. Partly because when all is well you’re not feeling particularly creative and also partly because nobody wants to hear a smug twat singing about how wonderful their life is when the listener (in most cases) cannot possibly relate to it.

DiGDuGDisaster: You play rhythm guitar on your songs, do you play any other instruments as well? Do you have a band in the works?

Black Vendetta: I used to play the recorder to a brilliant standard during my primary school days, but then again so did all of my peers past and present! No I don’t play any other instruments and really I’m only interested in finding a singer and a lead guitarist. For live performance purposes backing tracks can do the rest. It’s cheating and horribly X Factor-esque I know but drummers are the most undedicated individuals on the planet and almost always have drug and/alcohol problems. Bassists are the same except you replace the drug/alcohol thing with being incredibly vacuous. Essentially, I’m through working with them. They would hold me back far more than they’d aid my cause.

DiGDuGDisaster: What does the future hold for Black Vendetta and how can people find you online?

Black Vendetta: The future holds one of two things. I’ll either be hugely successful, develop a substance problem as a result, have a failed stint in rehab and ultimately die at the age of 27 OR I’ll fail in music, get depressed by the whole thing, develop a substance problem and die at the age of 27! I’d prefer the former so please go to

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