Caitlin Rose has given listeners the first taste of what’s to come on her brilliant sophomore offering, The Stand-In, releasing an impressive rendition of “I Was Cruel.” The heartfelt ballad is beautifully complemented by Rose’s clear, confident vocals, and possesses the perfect balance of old and new influences. Spin, who premiered the track here, praised the song, noting that “her voice begins with a quiet quaver, curves ever-so-softly into the sweetest notes, then goes wide for the panoramic harmonies and soaring melodies that the song’s buff Americana arrangement deserves.” The Stand-In, which comes out March 5th on ATO Records, draws on clear influences from greats like Patsy Cline, Stevie Nicks and Loretta Lynn but with a timeless sound and witty approach to lyricism that is completely unique.

Caitlin Rose Releases “I Was Cruel”:

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