Harold “Noonie G” Ward, a former high ranking member of the Gangster Disciples, has issued a statement about the Rick Ross/GD situation :

“It’s always an unfortunate situation to see Black men engaged in beef and senseless acts of violence. Those who know me, know me as an advocate for peace in the streets. The death threats, violations and killings happening out here on a daily basis, especially in Chicago and all over, are not a game, and are definitely realer than any lyrics of any rap song.

That said, I don’t personally know why Rick Ross cancelled his tour, nor do I personally care. What I do care about however is the ongoing tension that is building between him and factors of the GD nation. If Rick Ross is really ‘The Boss’ he proclaims to be, then he would recognize that what goes on in the streets effects all of us. It’s not about flossin’ or talking tough on a radio station. Rick ought to know that he is not dealing with no punks.   Beef that is not squashed can get out of hand. Tupac and Biggie proved that.

Larry Hoover, political prisoner and founder of the Gangster Disciples, is an advocate of ‘Growth and Development’ and peace. So bottom line – that is what I would like to see happen. Squash the beef and let’s grow together and develop some real agendas for peace.”

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