Anoop Desai has had quite the fall season so far. While touring alongside the East Coast with producer/DJ ADHD, the ElectroPop crooner has been gearing up for the release of his much anticipated new EP, 3 Cheers, on November 20th.   With less than two weeks to go, the EP proves to be his most versatile release to date by embracing a diversified blend of EDM.

As no stranger to the music industry, Anoop has already topped the charts with his 2010 debut EP All Is Fair, and has worked with notable Grammy award winning producers such as DJ Trauma. Looking to further show off his transcendent vocal abilities, Anoop teamed up with Atlanta producer/DJ ADHD to create an album that would exceed the boundaries of electronic dance music.   The result is a dynamic dance gem that embodies several different subgenres including dubstep, house, and electropop. “The album is energetic and all about being young and having fun,” says Anoop.   “It’s about being displaced, but in a happy way”

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