Hello again folks and welcome to another Skoped Out. Before we begin I need to address an issue I just cannot hold in. Mitt Romney vowed to cut funding for WGBH. For those without kids, WGBH introduces toddlers to music with educational & wonderful programming. So if he is to cut funding for them, how about cutting funding to Egypt & Libya too! Now I feel better so lets talk about my guests today, The Might One. These guys have been making music for years and they are consistent & very talented. This is the perfect time to have the guys on becuase when readers go to there is “Countdown To Ascension” MP3 available as a free download when they click that link. Join us today as Tim and the guys speak on their name, the new album new album ‘Shift’, West Nile repellent, and much more!

Stoli: Where are we talking from today and how was your summer?

Tim: I’m in beautiful Vancouver working on my studio tan as I’ve spent most of the summer editing the “Countdown To Ascension” video and writing and recording and album for one of my side projects B.E.A.R.

Stoli: Being that you are based in Canada have you had to deal with West Nile mosquitoes?

Tim: I’ve heard of them but haven’t really consciously thought about it though I have gotten bitten pretty good by mosquitos on a recent weekend camping trip. Mind you no ill effects, probably because my blood was nicely thinned and protected by elixir of life……Jaegermeister! Oh and BTW let me share a little mosquito repellent tip I just heard of. Apparently Listerine works like a charm…..crazy huh?  

Stoli: You guys have been making music since 2008. What has been key in your longevity and drive to never stop?

Tim: I think it’s the powerful times of change we’re living in right now. I’ve always had a good work ethic and endless creativity but this whole 2012 thing has inspired me to no end since connecting with 2012 experts like John Major Jenkins, Daniel Pinchbeck and Greg Bradden at a 2012 conference in San Francisco in 2008 and then spending some time with native Mayans at their ruins in Mexico. Something was triggered in me and I was motivated to share the message of hope, and the opportunity to choose a new legacy for humanity that the end of the Mayan calendar represents. We’re living through the end of a 26,000 year cycle. These times we are in are epic….but most people are asleep and unaware of that.

[youtube hdDUX6NU83Y]

Stoli: How did you decide to call the band, The Mighty One?

Tim: I was tired of trying to keep bands together and manage the ego’s that threatened to derail my vision so I became TheMightyOne and stopped worrying about putting to much energy into it. I wrote and recorded the first record and just moved forward with the intuition that the right people would arrive when the time came to take TheMightyOne to the stage…..a ‘build it and they will come’ mentality…..and sure enough they did! I feel pretty blessed.      

Stoli: Were the four of you friends besides the music or did the band bring you all together?

Tim: Lorne Seaton, my guitar player, and long time friend, has been involved in various incarnations prior to TheMightyOne. He was a big part of the guitar tracks on the debut and ‘SHiFT’ recordings. Bass player Chris Campbell and drummer Bob Wagner, guys I’ve always respected,   joined forces with us in 2010.

[youtube UlH91IyPb0Q]

Stoli: There is a lot of excitement on your new album ‘Shift’. How long did you work on that and where did you do the recording?

Tim: A couple of the songs on ‘SHiFT’ are songs that I’ve had for a while but never fit until now. For instance ‘Awakened’ is a song that I’ve hung onto for over 15 years and have recorded about 5 different ways in the past. I was inspired to write it when I heard the first White Zombie record. Interestingly enough I connected with Ivan DePrume, the original White Zombie drummer, a year ago and he dug it so much he actually recorded a drum track for an alternate version that I’m presently mixing. I spent most of 2010 writing and 2011 recording the rest of the record. Drums were recorded at Van Howes studio in Vancouver by Jay Van Poederooyen who’s partner is producer Brian Howes of Hinder/Shinedown/Nickelback fame. Jay’s brother Ryan is a longtime friend and drummer with the Devin Townsend Project and tracked the majority of the drums. Devin and the band used to rehearse at my Begin Studio where the rest of the recording was done and where he produced the single “Reprieved” from the first record.

Stoli: I really love the album art. Who did that and what is the meaning behind the image?

Tim: It depicts and old world dying and a new world being born. The death of a destructive masculine based world that has been about conquest and ego and the rise of the feminine where finally something beautiful and sustainable is created. A Golden Age that has been prophecied forever in various beliefs. But we’ve got to go through some challenging times before we get there. ‘It’s darkest just before the dawn’.  

Stoli: I really like the song “Stand Up.” What are you speaking on in that song’s lyrics?

Tim: With TheMightyOne I’m branding a new genre….’conscious rock’. The knee jerk reaction of some people when they hear that label is to dismiss TheMightyOne as a Christian band. I grew up in northern Canada in a Mennonite family and was subject to a lot ‘Fire and Brimstone’ fear programming that is the basis of the Christian religion. They believe that an apocalypse is coming prior to Jesus’s return; a moment that they’ve been waiting for and many believe is happening soon. In “Stand Up” I’m saying that I believe this event is happening mostly inside of us and is not just external. ‘Stand Up…get off our knees…You’re the one you’ve been waiting for….this is the Second Coming of YOU!!’. That’s a universal idea…not a religious one.  

Stoli: For those that are new to Tim Steinruck and go to might not understand him. What inspires Tim and how much of his personality plays out in the music?

Tim: I’m inspired about this time we live in and the opportunity that exists to create a world where we realize that everything in the universe is connected. This ‘us’ against ‘them’ polarity and approach to life has brought humanity to the place where we now are. The breakdown of unsustainable corporate/financial structures, corrupt governments and earth changes are reflections of what are happening within all of us. I suggest we need to wake up and realize we need to shift our thinking. I’ve dedicated my life to sharing this message through great sounding hard rock music because I see myself as a soul with a body not a body with a soul. We’re beautiful, powerful, spiritual beings having a human experience. We just need to remember who we are and then everything else will fall into place.      

Stoli: How did it feel when a song like “Waiting For You” is played on SiriusXM radio?

Tim: Sirius has been a huge supporter of TheMightyOne with both records, and I am very thankful for that. They were instrumental in placing “Waiting For You” on the NHL ‘Plays of the Week’ the week Sydney Crosby returned…..sycronicity…and it felt really good! Here’s the link:

Stoli: Your fan base grows everyday. Do you feel that in challenging these times people want to hear Conscious Rock?

Tim: I think everyone is looking for some good news..some hope. It seems some people just want to escape the problems of the world, some are scared as hell, and most are searching for meaning in their lives and their futures. However everyone instinctively knows something is happening. You can’t escape that. “SHiFT” provides a message of hope and self empowerment. The answers to everything lie within us. Just take some time with yourself, go into nature if you can, breathe and go within. It’s really so simple.      

Stoli: What is coming up for The Mighty One and where can we follow you online?

Tim: The next big thing for us is the release of the “Countdown To Ascension” video. This video will really help to introduce the amazing individuals in the band, what TheMightyOne show looks like and galvanize the message that humanity is about to ascend or’rise above’ the way things have been for the last few hundred years. It was shot by D.O.P. Gabriel Medina who recently filmed the Nickelback “This Means War” video, and has a bit of a similar feel. It was directed by my good friend Gene Greenwood who has been unrelenting in capturing hundreds of hours of our live shows while travelling across North America with us. We have so many scripted and live videos on the verge of being released. We’ll be playing a lot of shows in western Canada in the next couple months and we’ve also got a couple of short tours to the Seattle/Tacoma/Portland that we’re working on as well as a bigger tour to SXSW in 2013. You can follow us at where you can get a free download of “Countdown To Ascension”. Check out our YouTube to really get a feel for what we’re about and our FB and Twitter to connect with us. We treat our fans the way we like to be treated……really really good.It’s been a real pleasure chatting with you Stoli! Skope rocks! Take care and……Peace!

BTW….Love the new look of Skope magazine! Nice work!


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