The Love Load, Three On A Match

The D.C. band The Love Load is back for more with their brand new EP titled ‘Three On A Match’.   They are following up their debut release ‘The Human Resourceful’ with four energizing tracks.   The Love Load is made up of three members: Ted Watts on bass & vocals, Blaine Misner on guitar & vocals and Ben Azzara on drums.  

Knowing that this group is a trio is simply amazing to me because after listening to the entire recording I would have never thought that.   One will hear a definite force & power that The Love Load brings musically on this EP.   Something I picked up on right away was the spirit of not the boogie but the punk scene, which really excited me!   I would love nothing more than to have punk rock be on top again because lord knows something’s gotta give for today’s music.   I mean one can only take so much Justin Bieber, Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus or Lady Gaga etc…etc… before we say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH ALREADY!   So…punk rock seems like a perfect remedy for all of the crappy Pop hits that are regurgitated day in and day out in this wonderful world of so-called mainstream music.   I say why the hell not!  

[youtube RkMTDjn1wrs]

So The Love Load definitely adds that punk element to their music but that’s not all because you’ll also pick up on elements of rock and alternative.   ‘Three On A Match’ really has a cool mix of sound going on here and you can’t deny the freshly unique vocal approach that Ted Watts is exhibiting on this EP.   Watts really has that gritty sound to his voice that further adds to the appeal of this band.

One thing I have to say though is that I wish The Love Load and ‘Three On A Match’ had more rawness and attitude because let’s face it that’s what punk rock music is all about.   You think of greats like: The Clash, The Ramones, The Stooges and the best example of this The Sex Pistols.   All of these acts had that perfect combination of raw edge and in-your-face attitude which is why they are considered quintessential bands in punk rock history.   Not saying The Love Load should be like any of these legends because obviously that would be asking and expecting WAY too much.   But what I am saying is to maybe just dig a little deeper and take out certain aspects from these classic punk rockers and run with it!   Excuse my French but just add some more balls to the music and the songs; fuck it we’re talkin’ about punk rock here so grab ‘em by the fuckin’ balls!   In the words of Sid Vicious “We don’t fuckin’ care!” and that’s all there is to it really!

The four songs on ‘Three On A Match’ are: “Manipulate”, “Words”, “White Man’s Burden” and “Flight” and I have to say these guys definitely have something to prove!   I feel this is a great start toward something greater and I honestly can’t wait to hear the next release!   For more info on The Love Load and their latest EP ‘Three On A Match’ (which I kept wanting to say ‘Three On a March’ for some reason?) SKOPE out  

By Jimmy Rae

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