For someone who is just 23 years old, this young man from Vermont has seen and experienced so much in his life thus far. Good times balancing with the bad times, Adam seems to make it all flow so naturally.   Highly spiritual in nature, Ferguson studies life and all its wonders with the keenest of eyes and an open mind to boot.   Funny story, I was watching an entertaining & fascinating documentary on The Doors called “When You’re Strange” the night before I wrote this interview and I couldn’t help but notice uncanny similarities between the “Lizard King” Jim Morrison (RIP) and Adam Ferguson.

Come to find out that Adam has a lot in common with the legend Jim Morrison where he went on to tell me that “I do love The Doors and I really admire Jim’s lifestyle and free spirit personality he portrayed”.   While in high school not all that long ago, Adam’s girlfriend actually turned him onto Jim Morrison and his long-time companion Pamela Corson (RIP).   This next statement from Ferguson really floored me because what he says next made me realize that my intuitions were dead on.   “Now that you mention it he influenced my love for poetry and wanting to write poems to music.”   My thoughts after hearing this were literally ‘get the fuck outta here!’ because I had absolutely zero knowledge about any of this information prior to asking the simple question “are you a big Doors fan particularly Jim Morrison?”   So…my inquisitive nature really paid off this time and who knows maybe Adam Ferguson is connected to Jim Morrison in some weird or mysterious way???   Now…you be the judge!  

J Rae: I can tell from your music and from your short bio that you are a very spiritual person so would you care to tell the Skope readers more about this?   Going off of that would you consider yourself a religious guy then too?   Regardless of whether you are religious or not please feel free to discuss your innermost feelings on this sensitive subject.  

Adam Ferguson: Great question man. I do consider myself to be a spiritual person, however not religious. I don’t follow any religion, but I am intrigued by them. In the way that there are so many, yet they all aim to lead the same state of mind. So why does religion seem to separate us and create hate when the purpose of religion is to love and forgive one another?   I pick out the good qualities of all religions to help maintain a healthy mind- set on the world and myself. However, religion really isn’t necessary to be connected with yourself, others and the universe. One religion I really enjoyed learning about was Buddhism. I find the philosophies and beliefs to be so fascinating and beautiful. It’s all about being in tune with the universe and yourself as well as your surroundings…living in the moment, becoming one with everything.   When you feel yourself you are then apart of everything and everyone.   I prefer to learn from others and then go on my own to experience it for myself to add my own ideas and thoughts into the process of self- discovery and happiness.   Religion is just there to help guide you, it’s not meant to be taken so literally in my opinion. Life is about thinking for yourself and forming new ideas and then going to express it to the world for them to learn from. I think it’s very important for people to spend time with themselves to really find out who you are and what you have to offer the world. People get too caught up in caring what others think and attempt to impress them so they feel accepted. It’s very important to be in tune with who are you, and express what it is you feel and believe and not worry about others think of you for that.

J Rae: I couldn’t help but notice that you are one that is highly inspired by so much in life including: people, music, traveling the world, reading philosophy and the universe itself.   Where does this intense feeling of inspiration truly come from? And what is it about all of these things that help make you a better person each and every day?

Adam Ferguson: That’s a very interesting point man. I have to say I believe it to be a feeling that has always been within me; however I believe certain experiences, people and things throughout my life helped evolve that feeling.   It has a lot to do with me being very anti-social in high school and quite depressed and reclusive. I spent a lot of time alone…I still do. Spending the majority of your time in your head can be quite an experience. It allows you to really understand yourself.   So spending a lot of time alone and listening to music and walking in the woods and watching the stars, I feel has a lot to do with it. I was also very unsatisfied with myself and my appearance and I was just really insecure. Music was the only thing I could turn to that wouldn’t judge me and only made me feel good as a person and as an individual and gave me a friend during the rough times. It made me realize what’s within is way more important than what’s out there. It allowed me to enter a world that I could relate to on so many levels. Also drugs have a lot to do with it as well. In high school I experimented with mushrooms and acid and a heavy pot smoker(which I still am), and those experiences really helped open my mind to the way things are and helped form the way I perceive the world. It was then I started questioning the way our world is and started thinking more for myself and wanting to do things my own way. All while being inspired by music, writers and poets and my surroundings. I try to use everyday to my full advantage to help progress myself as a human. Sometimes it works…sometimes it doesn’t.   There are some days where my energy level is just so low I can’t even lift my guitar. Other days I feel a strong burning within me and I am able to record a new song. Either way I feel I am progressing, because sometimes doing nothing and being in a low place will help progress you to a better place.

J Rae: Speaking of traveling, I read that you had some eye-opening experience in India and I, along with the entire Skope Universe, would love to hear more about this so please do tell!

Adam Ferguson:   India is truly an amazing place, and it’s a place that really changed my life and saved my life at one point. I first went when I was 18, where I was hiking in the Himalayas for a month. I fell in love with the place. The people, the culture, the traditions, the food…I loved it all. So when I got home I decided to save up for a year and go back. I was working so much I had enough money to get a place of my own and save up. It was then I got hooked on cocaine and was spending more of my money on that than on saving for my trip. So after realizing how unhealthy I was and how I wasn’t going to have enough money to go to India, I immediately moved out of the apartment and back to my parents house and quit coke, and continued saving, so in a way it saved my life. Anyway, I’ve been there three times and I want to go back. I went to Kolkata to teach street and slum children English and it was an amazing experience. These children are so poor yet they have the biggest smiles on their faces. They literally have nothing, yet they find enjoyment and happiness from what they do have and they share whatever they have with you to show their thanks for being there. And then you go back to America where kids are crying because they don’t have the newest Xbox or whatever. I think the minds of American are very polluted and misinformed.   A perfect example is the recent shooting at a Sikh temple (a religion based in India) where an American man opened fire on the people within the temple. This was an act of ignorance and hate towards a group of very peaceful, loving people. This man was completely misinformed and believes these people to be terrorists who were involved in 9/11. Sikhs where turbans, which some Americans believe is an automatic sign of being a terrorist. It really sickens me how close- minded people can be. Also, I was befriended by a Muslim man in Kolkata, who was one of the kindest men I have ever met. He invited me to his home for dinner many times, and I even taught his children some English while I was there. Americans don’t really understand Muslims at all and the fact that so many believe all Muslims to be evil terrorists is just sickening and so arrogant. But Yeah India really opened my mind and being there really makes me feel alive. Never be scared to travel and experience new places; that’s why it’s important to not pay much attention to the media when they tell you the world is full of terrorism and it’s not safe.   Also, when I was there, I started realizing how badly I missed making music so I went to a music shop and bought a very cheap guitar so I could play and write new songs. It was during that time I really started to realize music was my true love and passion and wanted it to be in my life every day. So in a way India helped me discover that. It was after that trip I went home and saved up to move to LA where I recorded my EP “Drowned in the Sky”. It’s all connected.  

J Rae: Being that you’re into philosophy, who is your favorite philosopher and why?   And I’m dyin’ to know once and for all–is the glass half empty or half full?   And please don’t just tell me that it depends on the person or that it’s how you look at!   Really hit us with some stone cold philosophy and don’t hold back at all!

Adam Ferguson: I don’t know if I have a favorite philosopher to be honest. I have learned from so many different people throughout my life it’s hard to pinpoint any particular one. Buddhist philosophy in general holds a special place in my heart. I took a 10 day meditation retreat in Dharamsala, India (home of the Dalai Lama) and it really opened my mind. For 10 days we couldn’t talk…All we did was meditate, learn the philosophy of Buddhism and do yoga.   The idea of being one with the universe, and getting rid of your ego prevailed to be the foundation of this experience for me. So to answer your question is the glass half empty or half full? We’ve created the illusion that the glass is half empty or half full. I think that empty space is the fear humans have to take things on with full force. It’s almost like we choose to do things half way to play it safe. So if something is half empty, or half full that leaves us with that space to cover our selves from being wrong. I would fill the glass and not be afraid to spill.

J Rae: Speaking in terms of our deep & vast galaxy, what fascinates you the most about the Solar System?   And for the record, do you believe in aliens and are they here among us?

Adam Ferguson: The whole thing! I think space fascinates everyone on some level. However, I feel for a lot of people.   They just forget it’s up there because they are so distracted by their lives and forget to just take a breath and be in the moment and look into the universe.   It’s amazing to think all those stars are no different than our sun and how connected we really are to them. I see humans to be the ultimate form of awareness. It started with the universe and that same force, created our galaxy, which created our sun, from there earth was created, then life was created which evolved to humans. So I feel humans are that awareness in a very evolved state where it is now capable of being aware of itself (self-awareness). So all we can do is continue to create in the most complex ways our developed states are capable of. I think people are crazy to think we are the only life to exist. There is clearly life that exists in other parts of our universe, it just makes total sense, no? Think about all the forms of life on our planet… that totally exists in other places. Also the sounds of space are fascinating, if you search “symphonies of the planets” you can hear the sounds of space…it’s beautiful. It can help you understand where music comes from. I also think it’s important to make a balance between outer space, and inner space. You’re inner space is very valuable and the answer to a lot of life’s questions. Looking in is just as valuable as looking out, usually even more so. And I think we are aliens; alien is a stereotype for any living thing beyond this planet. So, what are we to other living things in the universe? We’re all creatures…all connected. I think a lot of people have seen abnormal things in the sky; I for sure have…many times. To any open-minded person it should be no surprise life exists all over our universe. For some reason humans choose to disconnect themselves from this. They are too busy getting to work on time to make money to buy new big screen Televisions and cell phones.

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J Rae: You stated that “music, wind and trees are things that go so well together” which seems like a very interesting concept.   Would you care to delve more into this idea for all of the loyal Skope readers out there?

Adam Ferguson: Yeah, totally. It’s a very personal thing for me. I love playing guitar and writing songs outside on a sunny day (Just as much as I love playing guitar inside on rainy days). During this time the energy of the wind and trees becomes quite apparent. The Trees move with the wind to the music. Trees are alive so I believe they are aware. There is no reason why they wouldn’t be. Music is the vibrations of the universe, so it’s only natural for other elements of the universe to relate and connect to one another. The music, wind and trees are all very strong energies, along with the energy of people. Because a human with such a strong energy can be aware of the existence of trees and wind and music it becomes possible to connect on such a level as we do. I love letting those energies take me over and letting them dissolve my being into pure energy with no thoughts. It’s a time where I can really meditate on the moment and just be.

J Rae: So I see that John Frusciante, former member of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, is a HUGE inspiration on you personally and so I have to ask why?  

Adam Ferguson: Very much so. To be honest I was never a Chili Peppers fan growing up. Just wasn’t my thing at the time. However, I never disregarded the guitar as being bad in anyway. So when I was 17, I was introduced to John’s solo music by this dude Nick. At first I listened to it and didn’t seem to have interest. Then I heard this song called “Falling” and I fell in love right away. Growing up I had this music in my head that I had yet to hear, and when I finally heard the album “Niandra Lades and Usually Just a T-shirt”, I was blown away! It was what I had always wanted to hear. So from there I started buying all his albums and he always seizes to amaze me. It’s a mix of everything that I want to hear. His guitar playing is just so beautiful and creative, just the perfect chord progressions, the perfect note changes, creative layering…just genius. Also his use of electronic instrumentation really impresses me. His singing is so raw and powerful and emotional mixed with his philosophical, creative & emotional lyrics; truly inspire me. As well as his overall melodies I just think he comes up with some of the most beautiful, heartfelt melodies of any musician out there. I also find his philosophy on life to be very inspiring and really helped shape me as a person. His ability to be so innovative and unique really inspires me to not be afraid to do what I want and create exactly what I feel. I was lucky enough to meet him in LA when I lived out there, and he is the most humble, nicest human I have had the pleasure of meeting. Our world is in many ways a better place with him here and I feel blessed to have been presented with his existence and his music. It has helped me through so much and really saved my life. He inspired me to pursue music and taught me a lot of what I know about music and life in general.  

J Rae: What do you say we talk about your new album ‘Darkened Transparent Views’?     How did this record play out, in your opinion, and what are some of the themes?

Adam Ferguson: This is a group of songs I had been writing and recording since I was 18   (I’m 23 now), but the first 5 or so were songs I did in the last year or so. They are songs that I just recorded with no intentions except to express myself and release a lot of pain and loneliness I had been feeling through my life up until that point. I talk about everything from being forgotten about, to being alone, to falling apart, to dying, and not being able to relate to people and to the world in general. I also touch on re connecting with myself and trying to discover who I am. It’s about being able to see through the fallacies of our society and feeling like I’m alone and it’s an attempt to spread the truth to those who may feel the same way. The album is me. It’s raw and gritty but it’s who I am. It’s also before I was certified in Pro Tools as a music operator so the recordings are in fact rough, except for one song “Where Stars Meet Oceans” which was one of the first songs I recorded on my own using Pro Tools.   Anti-Nonsense Networking put it together for me and mastered the tracks. ANN is an indie label helping promote artists around the world. The dude Chris is doing a great thing and has helped me a lot. He just started a radio show, which is totally rad, you should check out.   I am honored someone believes in my music like he does. For him to go out of his way to put that together was really cool. So yeah, it’s an album you need to listen to with an open mind and forget about the rules of music and see it as a human pain and suffering turned into music for you to understand how I feel about life and the world.

J Rae: Any talks of touring in light of the new album coming out and if so care to spill the news right here, right now for all the fine people out there in Skope world?

Adam Ferguson: Well, not really. I recently joined this awesome band, “Kinky Creature” based in Burlington, VT. I’m playing synth and guitar for them and we are starting to play shows and plan on doing a small east coast tour eventually.   I’m hoping they’ll be down to play some of my songs. However, my own tour is something I plan to do eventually. But in the mean time you should check out “Kinky Creature”. Their EP ‘Tiny Rooms’ is available through Sound Cloud.

J Rae: If you had one wish that was suddenly granted to you what would it be and why?

Adam Ferguson: Well if I tell you it might not come true! Ha. But really, I just want people to work on their self-awareness, open their minds, stop watching TV and stop listening to everything it tells you to do. Do something meaningful and creative and don’t be afraid of anything. So my biggest wish is just for people to open their minds and work on losing your ego and become more aware of themselves and their surroundings, and stop obsessing over cell phones and expand your interests. I don’t care you have an iPhone! Ha-ha. Just stop and be, feel the moment. I know it can be hard, but really it’s all we have.   I’m also sick of people having such competitive natures and being so judgmental. Human connection is 90% non-verbal, so it’s all based on your energy your giving off, and when you’re in tune with yourself and your surroundings it’s very easy to really feel that energy and it’s something I am very in tune with, so social situations can be overwhelming for me. It seems a lot of people are so out of touch with what life’s really about and they are focused on things that don’t really even matter. People get so distracted with stupid shit. The human mind is such a powerful thing and it’s sad to see so many saturated in such heavy pollution. I’m not saying I’m perfect, because I’m not and this is something I have to work on, on a daily basis, but I just want people to understand the unity and oneness that is essential to being alive. Letting your ego control you is so harmful to your well-being. Most people let their ego totally control them and that is what causes so much hate and lack of connection to exist in the world.

Find out more about this deeply passionate person who calls himself Adam Ferguson right here: www.reverbnation.com/adamferguson.   The mystery train of life rolls forward as Ferguson travels along at his own pace.   The universe is the limit for Adam and I’m sure Mr. “Wizard” Ferguson would agree when I say that it is time for the entire world population & galaxy to become connected as ONE.   Things that make you say hmmm……you’re either in or you’re out.

By Jimmy Rae (jrae@skopemag.com)


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