North American society has been designed to remove power from our grasp. We are taught to prove ourselves to others instead of following our own path. We are taught to be meek, polite, and soft-spoken… and to respect authority. We are lead to believe that if we are truly deserving of power and influence — then some authority will decide our merit for us. Think universities, award societies, record labels… think the everyday fight to prove yourself in North American society.

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In Prolific’s new single “Divine Disrespect”, he presents himself as a man at odds with this world. The bleak industrial tones of the song match his extreme disillusionment and isolation. However, despite the initial hopelessness presented, there soon emerges a tone of extreme resilience. This resilience is divine disrespect. A disrespect for the Gods, and in turn a disrespect for all authority. Divine disrespect is a rejection of any force that imposes itself on the human will – no matter how great. Divine disrespect is the chisel that shapes our fate, and the stake we must drive into the hearts of our greatest enemies.

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