My Secret Island, I Miss the Day Maxi-Single

Time to find out what’s hiding out in this so-called “Secret Island” so let’s start digging!   My Secret Island is a very secretive bunch made up of Mark Van Merm and his Top-Secret Band.   They are currently promoting their two-track single which includes “I Miss The Day” and “Sheila”.   One thing is for certain after listening to both tracks and that is that M.S.I. is extremely unique and original-to-the-bone.  

[youtube SoLYLnj5qXs]

Right from the start on “I Miss The Day” it seems to me that this group was transported from the 1960s into present day 2012.   But how did they get here is the question?   Maybe by DeLorean hitchin’ a ride with Marty McFly and “Doc” Brown or maybe just by complete chance.   Whatever the case may be, M.S.I. is making a statement in today’s world.  

You definitely sense that 60s-styled rock approach and I also couldn’t help but notice similar vocal stylings to that of Rush singer Geddy Lee.   It was definitely evident to hear that lead singer Mark Van Merm is influenced by Rush and Geddy Lee.   I really did enjoy that classic rock vibe that Merm & company were bringin’.  

“Shiela” is actually a cover of the original written and recorded by Tommy Roe back in 1962.   “Shiela” was a number one hit for Tommy Roe and My Secret Island most certainly gave it justice.   M.S.I. added their own flare and spin to the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 chart-topper and it really did work.  

Fun music with a generous portion of diversity is what M.S.I. is all about.   Classic rockers with a twist and you’ll have to hear it to believe it!   And don’t worry because I’m gonna get to the bottom of this Geddy Lee-sounding Mark Van Merm, his Top-Secret Band and this Secret Island.     But in the meantime you can find out more about My Secret Island and the ‘I Miss The Day Maxi-Single’ right here:  

Stay tuned to see if the secret is revealed!

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