Butterscotch Espinosa is the latest creation from rapper/producer Nicky Spesh, a veteran of the music scene who produced tracks for Est’elle many years ago. His debut album ‘The World I Know’ received critical acclaim getting 5 Stars in IDJ Magazine & DMC Magazine, and his follow up EP “Return to the concubine spaceship” was again awarded 5 stars. He has composed music for documentaries on Sky 1 and Channel 4 and is now   making jingles for the itunes top 10 sports podcast Americarnage whilst juggling a family and fixing computers for ‘the man’. Undergrowth Entertainment is determined to encourage him to make records even if he barely gets out these days.

[youtube AqhkBNabBGI]

The summer of 2012 saw a number of high profile DJ’s getting sacked for being ‘too old’ and a new and horribly untrendy demographic of ‘festival dads’ was identified.   Is it possible to grow old and remain current in the internet age? This is the dilemma that Butterscotch Espinosa faces in his new single ‘Middle Aged Rap’, a record that embraces the onset of age like a drunk embracing a lamppost.
“Its harvest and the cats come in, laid back red eyes “what’s happening?” Homework boy! Get the Latin in, no chips tonight ‘cos they’re fattening.”


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