Washington D.C. power trio, The Love Load, has released a four song e.p. entitled “Three On A Match” following their internationally acclaimed debut, “The Human Resourceful”. This second release sees the group both coalescing as a true band with Ted Watts handing over all the guitar reins to Blaine Misner ( who also produced, mixed, and recorded the record aided by assistant engineer William H. Waikart III) and regressing into punk aggression served up on a soon to be release 33rpm 7inch complete with a digital download card.

[youtube Wmv3xse1WjY] [youtube KDvo0QwIa9Y]

The contradictions continue as each track is alternately inward looking, outward looking, forward looking, and backward looking with one track actually ending with a verse from a Boomtown Rats’ song. Watts sings in the first person assuming different personas, jumps to third person omniscient in a moment, audaciously uses the editorial/royal “we”, and references the past, present, and future within the space of a three and a half minute rock song. There are even glimmers of hope amongst some of the gravest subject matter. Oddly, The Love Load makes it work. The songs are brief but dense both in instrumentation and lyrical content and impart live room energy and disciplined attack.

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