After signing with Cash Money Records, CHRIS RICHARDSON, is poised for a stardom with the release of his debut solo single, “Joy & Pain” [Featuring Tyga].   This year, RICHARDSON helped drive Tyga’s hit single “Far Away” to sales exceeding 300,000, and he stands primed to repeat that success with his new single which was released on iTunes TODAY.

“I’m just so happy to have my music finally out there for all to hear,” says RICHARDSON.   “It’s been such a long time coming, so much work has been put into this and now I can finally share it with the world.   It’s exciting to see my music finally take shape.”

[youtube jGqE0ONiAn0]

Produced by Detail [Lil Wayne “How To Love”; Akon “I’m So Paid”], the track glides on a heavenly hook with inimitable passion emanating from the singer’s distinct voice. He penned the lyrics, envisioned the artwork, and remains integral to the entire process. He’s also set to follow up this track with a full-length album for the label in late 2012.

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