Game Over is just beginning for this upcoming hiphop/electro artist with a new single “All Out” that get you pumpin and jumpin. The song combines the crass bass of dubstep, techno riffage and a live sounding beat that gets the blood pumpin. If this is where Game Over is heading, then you’ll be hearing this name for some time. Right now you can hear the track “All Out” on iTunes.

digdugdisaster: First off, you have no official website and no myspace page, yet you’ve got a brand new single out on Def Jam Island. How did   you do that?

Game Over: When I decided to record songs back in 2007, I actually started promoting myself on myspace. Many things happened in my life since those days which made me take a break from making music since I been moving from state to state. I was living in Miami back then. Currently, I’m based in New Jersey. My first single is actually published by Def Jam Digital Distribution under this website called Tunecore.

[youtube MNC1iQJrdbg]

digdugdisaster: What genre do you consider yourself as an artist/rapper?

Game Over: At first, I was actually stuck on the term “I’m a rapper” but with the years passing and having opportunities to develop myself as a artist and a human being, I ended up finding out that I’m categorized into a new “pedigree” since I’m making music into a new whole new style that the world hasen’t heard yet.

digdugdisaster: What do you think of the current state of hiphop music in general? Do you think it’ll ever get back to it’s former glory days?

Game Over: After years and years discussing this subject with close friends, different artists and hip-hop moguls (which is a term that I use for people that ONLY listen to hip-hop/rap) I ended up coming to the conclusion that the Hip-Hop that we use to know is gone. Of course there will be no discussion when I say that the Golden Years of hip-hop was when Tupac Shakur (R.I.P.) and BIG Wallace (R.I.P) was alive but, You see, music is like human beings itself in a way. They develop and, hopefully if you are the right person to do so, it will develop into a new category of style. We see hundreds of new artists trying to categorize themselfs into “let be me the next etc, etc” but I think if you just realize that God has made you unique for a reason, you will end up finding out that you are a totally different concept of what other artists are.

[youtube KRl4GvYQgaw]

digdugdisaster: I noticed your single “All Out” has a live drum sound, did you use a programmer or a real drummer for that track?

Game Over: The song was actually made of real drummers actually. Shout out to Diamond Styles Produdction for this incredible instrumental track.

digdugdisaster: It used to be taboo to use electro sounds in hiphop, even just a few short years ago, now it’s in almost everything. What happened in your opinion?

Game Over: Well, music always changes. It’s amazing in my oppinion that artists and producers are finding new ways to make their music sound unique.

digdugdisaster: What’s next for Game Over? Do you have any plans to do a full fledged album or do you think those days have gone by?

Game Over: My first Album (EP) is currently being made as we speak. It will be entitled “V” Which is the number five in roman numerals. It will have around 6-7 tracks and This will be my first independent album, which it will be published thru my own label entitled “Game Squad.” You can guess why I chosed this name… *laughs

digdugdisaster: So how has Twitter helped build Game Over and get you into the game?

Game Over: Twitter, oh man. At first I used twitter for personal use only, you know… to talk to chicks and stuff. *laughs – But, after a while I started noticing that twitter was becoming something of our everyday life and this could be a door that could be used in my advantage. Nowadays, I use twitter to stay in touch with fans, tweet about personal stuff that I’ve noticed, that people can relate too and to always keep my fans updated about what Game Over is up too.

digdugdisaster: Do you have any videos coming soon?

Game Over: As soon as I’m finished building my first album entitled “V”, music videos will be coming.

digdugdisaster: What advice do you have for young artists that are trying to get their name out there?

Game Over: Just be yourself, even if it sounds corny. I had a couple of new artists coming to me and ask “Do you have any tips for me to become a musician?” and this might be one of the hardest questions for me to answer. Reach your hands high, you can reach your goal. Believe in yourself. If I can do it, we all can do it.

Make sure to check out the hot single “All Out” on iTunes, you’ll be hearing it soon in clubs all over. If you want to keep up with Game Over check out also now on Facebook @ To download the single “All Out” just click here

By: Douglas Garnett – douglas.garnett@gmail.com

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