Acclaimed solo artist Ajay Mathur’s new music video, Taking the Night Away,   spells out its socio-political message addressing the struggle and lingering hope that, we the people, can change what has been forced upon us by the misled power and greed of the elite few. The video is inspired by people all over the world who have finally decided not to sit back and accept what they see as injustice, but to take action, take to the streets – even if it means sacrificing their freedom, or in some cases, their lives.        

[youtube NgsWUUEsO9g]

Taking the Night Away is one of many powerful tracks on Ajay’s new solo release, A Matter of Time.   The song/video is about people in the United States who make up the “Occupy Wall Street” movement.   Ajay explains, “This movement has turned into ‘the Occupy movement’ and has united the people in almost all developed countries. This song is about the people in Algeria, Egypt, Yemen, Libya, Israel – the segregation, the pain, the struggle, the endurance and the prize. Humans are on the brink of the collapse of a system that is not sustainable. They are no longer willing to sacrifice their own well-being and the well-being of their loved ones for the benefit of the privileged few. This is a song about hope. As long as there is hope, there is a chance for positive change. Taking the Night Away evolved and matured with these movements.”

A Matter of Time is now available at most digital storefronts.
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