Yes, there’s still money. History has shown us, whether through a recession or unemployment, people still want to find a way to escape through music and entertainment. People will still pay money to go to live shows, get their favorite single, EP or album, and if you have an artist with a great following, and able to sell merchandise, that’s another good revenue stream. The issue that keeps coming up is whether or not the actual artists, songwriters, or producers can still make money.

Question: “Would any of us take a job at Wal-Mart, Kinko’s, or a Home Depot store, but NOT have an idea of how much we are going to get paid? No, of course not.   We all will want to know how much are we supposed to be getting paid, and when is payday?”   Yet, in the music industry, I see and (unfortunately) know of many, many (too many) talented people not getting paid, and what’s even worse – not knowing what rights they have so that they somehow can make a living.    

Written by C. Cirocco Jones

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