At first I was going to speak on the fact that Spin will not be in print anymore. I think that is smart as people receive & enjoy music by interacting and not reading anymore. I also want to speak on the shooter in Wisconsin who murdered innocent people while in their temple Sunday morning. To the victims, I hurt & mourn for you. The media speaks to how the shooter was in “hatecore” bands. I cannot grasp if the music inspired the murders, so let me know what you think in the comments. My guests today have a hardore edge to them too, but I do not expect Black Wing Halo to commit any mass killings. I got my hands on their album ‘Welcome To The Show’ and it hits hard but the melodies & instrumentals are top notch. These guys also do not hold back with songs like “Fuck Off” & “Rats.” Join us this week as we chat with BWH about the band, music licensing, laziness in the USA, and much more!

Stoli: Where are we talking from today and is this summer heat getting to you yet?

Black Wing Halo: From a heavily air conditioned room.   The sun just boiled me up at 9 am, not my usual.

Stoli: How did you guys come together and decide to call the band, Black Wing Halo?

Black Wing Halo: Doug and I met in college and reconnected a few years back.   Stephanie and I ran in similar open mic circles.   And Justin was found behind some discarded sheetrock.   Black Wing Halo is a name that jumped out to me from a Tom Waits lyric.   Just kind of clicked with us.

Stoli: I just spent the morning listening to your album ‘Welcome To The Show.’ How long was that project being created and where did you record it?

Black Wing Halo: Awesome!   Hope you enjoyed!   We actually recorded it about a year ago with Jason Rubal in Harrisburg, PA.   The material was mostly songs that had matured from when I was playing this stuff solo.

Stoli: Would you say that your music is a solid representation of your personalities?

Black Wing Halo: Yes. Definitely.   Especially live.   We definitely portray ourselves.   Like last night, we had a show at Mercury Lounge, and I felt that I might fall over.   I was curious as to why.   And it was, and always is, because Doug is leaning into my and barreling me over.

Stoli: Who does most of the songwriting for the tracks on the album?

Black Wing Halo: I do. For this album. We’ve been more collaborative with the stuff we’re writing now.

Stoli: What kind of setting & mood is best for you to write new music?

Black Wing Halo: Most times quiet is key, so I can hear my own brain. But very often ideas jump out while I’m trying to work on other things.  
Stoli: I really like the song, “Sway.” I hear various genres in the vocal delivery and the music is intriguing. Who wrote that song and what is it about?

Black Wing Halo: Thanks!   I’m a fan of it too.   I wrote it messing around with a Casio cz101.   Just found the sound and the hook and it fit.   Mostly, the lyrics are about the dbags who come into my bar to hit on women.   And a little about the cast of Jersey Shore.

[youtube AJ8y3GMFmr8]

Stoli: You guys have done shows all over the US northeast. Any plans to head west & down south with this new album?

Black Wing Halo: Would love to!   Just tough on the time and taking off of work, but a bigger tour is definitely in the plans.

Stoli: How much time per week is devoted to music and do you also have families & work/school as well?

Black Wing Halo: For Justin, he devotes about 10-12 hours a day 7 days a week, and tries to fit more in.   Pretty inspiring.   Doug, Stephanie, and I have job like jobs, so we fit stuff in when we can.   Stephanie seems to always be singing with various bands of varying genres.   Pretty awesome.   Pretty jealous.
Stoli: You have had two tracks placed in two films in 2012. How important is licensing as part of a bands revenue stream in this digital age?

Black Wing Halo: At this point it is the easiest way to make enough to support your band, so fairly important.   TV and especially commercials are the new radio.

Stoli: If doing music does not bring fortune & fame will you guys still do music and still have that passion?

Black Wing Halo: Yes. There isn’t much of a plan B. This is our heart and soul.

Stoli: The US is in pretty rough shape. What is 1 issue that our country faces that is of most concern to you?

Black Wing Halo: Laziness.    

Stoli: What is coming up for Black Wing Halo and where you @ online?

Black Wing Halo: We have some shows lined up in New York that will take us through September.   Then we’re hoping to hit CMJ pretty hard.   We’re looking to record a couple of tracks, one for a 7″ split and a couple to give out to the fans that have been so ridiculously loving for a while.

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