Birds of Chicago, a collective based around singer-songwriters/instrumentalists JT Nero and Allison Russell, are set to release their eponymous debut album on October 2, 2012.

Comprising twelve original songs, Birds of Chicago immediately soars into flight with the protracted leap of its lead track, “Trampoline,” an infectious bass-driven bastion of communal joy being shared for free at From there, the journey fluidly glides throughout the canon of American music, from the gospel-infused harmonies levitating “Cannonball,” to the simmering soul of “Before She Goes,” to the Cajun-spiced polka of “Sans Souci,” to the sparse, yet sprawling, “rock & roll is dead and in its grave” soliloquy encircling “Old Calcutta” to the rustic waltz of “Galaxy Ballroom” through to the deep burning sojourn of “The Moonglow The Tapeworm”.

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