Though the music is electronic, the center of City Rain is very human… one filled with emotions, pain and ultimate triumph. The title track of the EP, “Montage,” is born from mortality and growth. A dance pop gem that hearkens the mid-90s Madchester shuffle beat, the song is accented twinkling keyboards intertwined with Jarrett Zerrer’s signature surf guitar. “I had been sitting on the chorus lyrics since 2009,” Ben explains. “I had come off depression meds a good year earlier. As more and more things started to happen for City Rain, I could also feel my brain healing, my cognition sharpening, my feelings becoming broader. I was developing back into a human. Around the same time, I was visiting my ailing grandfather in Colorado. And as I felt I was ‘coming into my own’ as the lyrics say, my grandfather was dying. I felt like I had become a man he could be proud of. He died within a month after I left back for Philly.”

“Montage” video on Altpress.com: http://goo.gl/rru7N

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