Eclectic Mayhem, Eclectic Mayhem

For the city that boasts the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame it is fitting that Cleveland quartet Eclectic Mayhem has dropped their self-titled debut album–11-tracks of hard-rocking Indie, splashed with moments of melodic ballad and progressive rock elements. Beyond being a milestone in the career of the band, it is a testament of a band that is coming into its own.


The album opens to the heavy hitting “Again” rife with effects-laden guitar and agro drums. What’s impressive is Pat Conley’s double duty prowess at drums and lead vocals. In all, the track sounds like B-side Cage The Elephant song. Acoustic melody is the lead of “Want It All.” Backing keys joins the melody just under the vocals before giving to more effects heavy electric at the chorus. Soaring solo work at the midpoint rounds out the breadth of the musicality. “On My Way” is a staccato, down tempo track where Blues riff work meets power chords. Starting with simple acoustic, slight percussion and piano notes, the track plods along, gradually building rather than simply playing out. Mid-tempo melody is the hallmark of “Inside Your Head” with electric guitar and keys tandem bolstering the lyrics at the foreground. This radio-friendly rocker could easily be the album single.

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Eclectic Mayhem certainly live up to their name with the myriad of styles, elements and genre blending at their disposal. Production-wise, the album has a definitive DIY raw grit that lends to the premise that the band is making their brand of honest music. It’s a good first outing that beckons the listener for what is certainly more to come.

by Chris West

[Rating: 3.5/5]

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