Shatterglass, Self Titled

With all of the evolving rock genres out there trying to invent new sounds and new concepts, it is actually refreshing to get right back to good old rock ‘n’ roll. That is what Shatterglass brings to the table with their self-titled EP. Catchy hooks, driving leads, sing along lyrics and a great chemistry have Shatterglass climbing the ladders of success in just a short time.

With their first single “Psycho Girlfriend”, the band comes right out of the gate swinging for the fences. Being bass and beat driven by Donnie J. on bass, and Ron Jon on the skins. Coupled with the masterful lead of Jinx on his axe, looping in and around the rhythm so skillfully. The beginning has you moving instantly with it’s great harmony, hooking you right in. When Zoog comes in with his lyrics, you are immediately reminded of Art Alexakis with his range being smooth, yet grainy at all the right moments. Bringing into focus the feel of Shatterglass as an auditorium rock band.

The feeling continues with “Coming Undone”, with the instruments taking a back seat to the lead of Zoog’s lyrics for the main body of the song. Seemingly a relationship story, you could also attribute the lyrics to a band on the rise, but on the edge. This track represents a soul searching for the band, as they seek out their path in the realm of music. Seeming oblivious at first to the wrongs they may have coursed thus far in their careers as musicians, but always driving forward. With the coming undone being the unfurling of a rose maturing to shed it’s budding infant status. Thus explaining the realization of Shatterglass maturing into the rock band that once was an experimental seed, now a fully bloomed rose of success. Whether the band wrote the song this way or not, is up for interpretation, but it is every bit true upon listening to how the group has matured in their music.

On the third track, “Talkabout”, the band goes back to the anthem styled sound of “Psycho Girlfriend” with that sing along appeal. Equally as entertaining, but standing on it’s own merit. Even though the song is a relationship break-up song, it is up tempo and delivers in the “make you move” sense. Bringing back that essence of a band best seen live in auditoriums. Very well written and composed musically. Though lyrically a song about an ended relationship, it is written in a way to have an amicable ending with it only being an end to togetherness, but not life. You could almost see this as being the end to a live show. Using the relationship metaphor as an end to the show, but not an end to the music, as it goes on to the next step.

With this three track EP, the band has created the buzz for itself in the rock world. Having the listener craving more music and wanting to see Shatterglass perform live. A very good start to something that is sure to become even bigger as the band progresses. Shatterglass is currently in the studio working on their debut full-length album. If this EP is any indication of what the band has in store, then they are truly on the right track to success. Not trying too hard to create the next big thing or new genre, but doing music the right way. Sticking to the basic formula of storied lyrics, catchy music and good old fashioned rock ‘n’ roll music. That is what makes Shatterglass, themselves, the next big thing.

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by L. White

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