Now for the first time, this incredible new group from an unfamiliar nation where sheep outnumber people, will be performing their unique brand of indie music to the people of the United States.

The group was founded by guitarist, lead-singer and songwriter Marius Ziska, an artist “blessed with an amazing voice.” – which is certainly “a prominent element in their new style.”   The group has been described as “alternative rock with hints of brit-pop, synth-rock and progrock.”   They have also been described as folky or singer/songwriter with many wonderful styles finding their way into the mix. Accompanying Marius is Heðin Ziska on guitar and synthesizer, Allan Tausen on bass, keys, and backup vocals, and Brandur Jacobsen on drums, keys, and backup vocals. Past and Present Music Webizine says that, “This is a band alright! One Hell of a good one actually! And they know how to write good songs.”

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