As hinted last month, I.N.F. and Aspect of Long Island’s Day Laborers finally unveil the visuals for their single “On The Side,” in promotion for their album Deep Space Soul which is now available.   Directed by Porter Vision, the video depicts group member I.N.F. as a homeless person panhandling in NYC, and Aspect as a successful fast-paced business man, too busy too show concern for others.  

[youtube bOhXvK_Vyrw]

Initially their path’s cross as Aspect kicks over I.N.F.’s change cup, and continues about his business without taking a moment to pick up the vagrant’s change.   After documenting both of their differing lifestyles, the video concludes with I.N.F. saving Aspect’s life from an oncoming car.   The moral of the story begs to ask the question as referenced in the song’s lyrics: “are we human beings blind.”  

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