New York/New Jersey pop-punkers CANDY HEARTS have announced that they are heading into the studio with Chad Gilbert from New Found Glory to record this month in LA. In order to help fund their trip, the band has self-released a 4-song acoustic EP (tracklisting below) and Alternative Press premiered the brand new song song “Maybe” off of it on their website today – it can be heard at:


The tracks “Tongue Tied” and “Asbury Park” are off their 2011 full-length, Everything’s Amazing and Nobody’s Happy on Kind of Like Records. The fourth track is a cover of “Miserable” by Lit.

Says frontwoman Mariel Loveland on their fundraising efforts, “I think fundraising happens a lot more now than ever because of how the music industry has changed — particularly for small bands. Bands have to tour to get their name out there and it’s almost always when they sell the most merch. Unfortunately records are so expensive to make and tours are expensive in general. Most small bands barely scrape by, even with a great label behind them. So, to make money you get a job, but if you’re touring all the time you can’t hold that job.

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