Alternative Rock Duo My Burden Bore announces their arrival by debuting their first single, “Love/Hate\Love”, along with it’s controversial video as part of their “Crappy Valentine’s Day” campaign earlier this year.

When Dallas musician Gregory A. Bardasian (Ploy of Oracle) and visual artist (The Revival Art of Gregory A. Bardasian) cast fellow Dallas native Leigha van Tiel to play a role in his first feature film he is set to direct and begin filming this fall, little did he know that van Tiel was also a musician; and that six months later the pair would be in the recording studio working on an entirely new project together as well; My Burden Bore’s debut album “La Bella Noir”; which is scheduled for a release this fall.

[youtube JVqqBL6Eamc nolink]

Despite, some negative opinions on the video, people definitely seem to like what they hear, and see. Their look is as engaging and unique as their sound. With the darkly beautiful van Tiel out front, and the burly bearded Bardasian wearing his ever present black cowboy hat, and rarely showing his full face, the two have an interesting dynamic to say the least. Musically, they blend instrumentals of Rock, Ambient sound, and Trip hop to provide an atmospheric backdrop that the pair share, and exchange, vocal duties. The results, unique harmonic melodies that border on theatrical. At this point it no doubt seems as if My Burden Bore is not only here to stay, but that we will be hearing and seeing a lot of them, and from them, in the coming year.


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