The quest to uncover the truth has given California-based hardcore pioneers (Hed)p.e. new life. While the band has weathered the stormy waters of the music business for over a decade and enjoyed a slew of successful albums, it’s their quest for answers that has given them purpose. Now with the release of their eighth studio album, “Truth Rising”, (Hed)p.e have become the voice for a movement that empowers youth and reveals the seedy underbelly of our current political affairs.

“The title is a statement about how in these days and times, more and more hidden knowledge is coming to the surface. People are becoming aware that for hundreds of years, certain truths have been hidden from the masses, either by the Church, or by certain institutions which do not want us to know these secrets,” commented Jahred. “‘Truth Rising’ is our way of saying that nothing can stop the evolution of this planet and its inhabitants.”

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