In response to an overwhelming demand by fans, Aabaraki pushed the release date for their music video “Danceshee”, the debut single off their forthcoming album The Emancipation, from Tuesday, May 1st to Tuesday, April 24th. Aabaraki worked closely with music video director Brian Robinson of Hyer Ground to bring their video concept to life.

[youtube 7FWXCbA907Q nolink]

Aamir Lee Bermiss — Vocalist and keyboardist for Aabaraki shared: “ The concept was for us to do a spoof on the old television show “COPS” which was a kind of predecessor to a lot of reality TV. the twist being, Aabaraki plays undercover cops who are attempting to break a prostitution ring. The further twist being that the type of prostitution calls for male prostitutes rather horribly concealed in women’s clothing. the rest, is just what you see.”

The video also features Jason Spiller, Mike Vernazza, Sveta Bout, Veronica Cooper, Lorena Ospinadiaz, Ana Aréchiga, Caroline Navish and Lisa Ramey.


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