Complete with a new outlook and a new son, Brooke Valentine releases this celebratory track about the joys of motherhood. Her forthcoming album hits stores this summer!

[youtube WzB5Cn0tGEU nolink]

Forever is a composite of Dance, R&B and Pop elements; featuring dazzling club anthems, powerful R&B joints, emotive ballads and mid-tempo songs. The album is an expression of B. Valentine’s life experiences. “I’ve always written from the heart, but my earlier experiences weren’t like this,” she says. “Just looking at my son London and then putting pen to paper is so different and so deep. I’m older now. I’m a grown woman. I’m going to reach people with my music in a new and different way. This music isn’t about just making you want to dance in a club, but making you want to dance for life.”

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