Los Angeles’ 7LIONS have just premiered the official video for “Born 2 Run,” the lead single from their upcoming debut EP. The clip features a performance by the band, which includes rapper Prophet, singer/guitarist Forrest Fulmer, keyboardist/producer Morgan Taylor Reid, guitarist Will Carpenter, bassist Daniel Hange and drummer Tony Tommasi. Signed to superstar producer RedOne’s 2101 Records (Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez, Pitbull), 7Lions is an eclectic fusion of hip hop, rock, and electronic music.

“Born 2 Run,” which was recently featured on ESPN Music, has already been used during television broadcasts for NASCAR, the NFL, and MLB, as well as the Australian Open and Breeders’ Cup coverage on ESPN. According to Prophet, the song’s message is a great fit for sports. “Some of the stuff we talk about in the verses is about how life goes fast,” he says, “but you still need to reflect and write through anything adversity-wise to try to come through it on the other side.”

[youtube eehHQBKCJbA]


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