Many people don’t realize that there’s money to be made on YouTube and other online platforms through ad shared revenue. Viewzey allows users on platforms like YouTube to claim content for monetization, and thereby collect potential revenues from this ad shared revenue. In order to collect on ad shared revenue, you need to have a monetized account with these platforms; Viewzey has these accounts. Viewzey allows users access to these monetized accounts, and thereby acts as a conductor between the content owners/filmmakers and platforms like YouTube.

Here is how monetization on YouTube and other advertising revenue shared platforms works. Viewzey has relationships with these platforms, who agree to pay Viewzey a certain amount of money for advertising raised in relation to specific videos in accordance to these videos viewing time on the platforms. These platforms generate advertising revenue and pay Viewzey (and other content providers) a share of the revenue in accordance with the viewing time on a per video basis. Because of the nature of such advertising revenue share, there is not a fixed “per view” amount paid to Viewzey; instead, the advertising revenue is split on a “pro rata” basis per video.

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