The result of 20 years of state-of-the-art electric guitar research and design combined with their long time relationship with Los Angeles guitarist, Adrian Galysh, iGuitar Workshop / Brian Moore Guitars debuts the “Adrian Galysh Signature” C-90F electric guitar. Company president, Patrick Cummings, said, “Adrian has been making our guitars sound great for over 10 years, we are very pleased to honor him with this signature model.”

The “Adrian Galysh Signature” model guitar has Brian Moore Guitars’ patented comfort contoured body and innovative rear output jack combined with Galysh’s preferred asthetics and features, which are reflected in its spectacular satin finished spalted maple top and mohaghany back, Seymour Duncan pickups, Floyd Rose locking tremolo, and gold hardware (including the pickup pole pieces!).

Instrumental rock guitarist, music educator, and recording session ace, Galysh professes, ”My guitar is like a paint brush, and I want to take the listener on a colorful journey. I need to be able to have a large pallet of tones to work with. My Brian Moore “Adrian Galysh Signature” guitar does this.” And a large pallet of tones it has indeed. Featuring a 7-way “super switch”, the “Adrian Galysh Signature” guitar lets players select seven different pick up combinations, giving players access to classic single coil and humbucking tones.

Features and specs:

– Adrian Galysh Signature Headstock

– Comfort Contoured Mahogany body

– Spalted maple top with Satin finish

– 22 fret Maple neck 25.5″ scale, 15″ radius

– Rosewood fingerboard – 6105 Frets

– Matching Sculpted Headstock – Abalone “M” logo

– Seymour Duncan Alnico II neck

– Seymour Duncan JB bridge

– Floyd Rose tremelo

– Gold Hardware – Sperzel locking tuners

– Available left handed at no extra charge

Available factory direct, and customizable with optional left handed model, piezo pickup, and 13 pin synth access.

Order online or contact iGuitar Workshop / Brian Moore Guitars with any questions and for help ordering.

845-809-5347 x226 or

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