Ashpark, Life in Satellites

Ashpark consists of Ariel, Burke, Josh and Barnes. Four guys with loads of talent and big dreams. Ariel had a vision he wanted to make a reality so he came all the way from Guatemala City to Boston in order to make those visions come alive.

They are alive and well in their latest CD release, “Life in Satellites”. This is a concept album as Ariel shares his experiences with the world through his music. The band seems to be a tight knit family. Their emotions are laid out in nice neat packages of whimsical lyrics and smooth melodies.

One of my personal favorites, “Slow Breaths”, vocally has some really cool phrasing in the chorus and powerfully haunting guitars that is consistent with each tune on the CD. These guys are serious about their music and are not relenting on perfecting a sound that is all their own.

I’m a huge advocate of less is more and this CD is a great example of that. The production is a nice fit to the music. The instrumentation is articulate and precise. The vocals are an instrument of its own. He is not a belter by no means, but there is no need for it. It feels like everything on this CD was well calculated and served its purpose. Each piece does a job and when it all comes together it is simply magical.

By: Rebecca Hosking –

[Rating: 4.5/5]

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