Both born and raised in Fairfield, Iowa, singer Adrien Daller and producer Philip Rabalais met last year and discovered a mutual love of lady-pop dance music. After many excited, late night talk-offs (usually in the corner of some party) they started the band Trouble Lights. One year later and they are proud to present their first single “Safe With Me” and – with the help of their friend director Geoff Boothby, a crack team of their friends, zero dollars, and as much ingenuity and creativity and as they could muster – a video to accompany it.

[youtube 4VxTSricxTE nolink]

The video features lead singer Adrien Daller in a series of hand made, other-worldly costumes (such as a giant monkey hair coat with mountain goat horns for hands, antlers, stick arms, and much more freaky-deaky stuff); locations such as an abandoned Catholic school and an old taxidermy museum; and the dark story of a medicine man with a dramatic twist at the end.

The song can be downloaded FREE at

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